For Your Safety

  • Regular patrolling of the highway, by the Police and Motorway Patrol Officers (MPO):
    • Helps to reduce, prevent and detect criminal occurrence on the highway.
    • Ensures visibility on the highway, thus heightening the safety of road users and the confidence of the public.
    • Ensures that the road is free from congestion, obstruction or any adverse environmental impediments so that road users can travel without any hindrance.
    • Ensures that the rules and guidelines of the roadway are adhered to.
  • Durable road surface with no potholes to cause accidents.
  • Escape Lanes along the Highway enable vehicles having braking problems to stop safely.
  • Safety Tips if you break down on the Highway:
    • Switch on your hazard lights
    • If the vehicle is on the roadway, try and move (or push) the vehicle onto the hard shoulder
    • Stand on the soft shoulder, behind the safety barrier or as far as away as possible from the passing vehicles
    • Call for help by dialing the toll free number 1-888-429-5674 from your cell phone
    • Give as many details on your location as possible when you are calling from your cell phone

Don’t worry, a MPO will come to your assistance within minutes.

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