Ways to Pay

Currently, the JNSHC utilizes the following payment options:


  • JM$
    Jamaican currencies are legal tender at the toll booth.
  • US$
    United States currency is the only foreign currency accepted as payment of toll.

NB. At our toll plazas, USD is exchanged to JMD at a FIXED exchange rate of 1 USD = 100 JMD. 


E-Pass/ On-Board Unit (OBU)

Each toll plaza is designed with an Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) to allow commercial users and other motorists to access the ETC lane with their e-pass cards to enable their uninterrupted passage on the motorway.

This is used by the JNSHC to reduce the need to have cash used while traveling on the Toll Road. E-Pass/OBU can be purchased at our Caymanas, Angels and Mamme Bay Toll Plazas.


Future Payment Method

Motorists are issued a card with vehicle-class and point of entry information, upon entering the toll road at the toll plaza. At the point of exit, motorists are required to hand over the card to the toll collector, where they will be informed of the amount to pay. Total payment is calculated based on distance traveled, which is the unit rate per kilometer (km) and the classification of their vehicle.

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