The Highway

Traveling via the Jamaica North-South Highway (JNSH) is a stress free way to travel. It is a four lane controlled-access tolled motorway with fully graded separated interchanges and intersections built according to modern international standards. The highway connects the capital Kingston to the town of Ocho Rios, passing through St. Catherine.

The start of the highway is near the Caymanas Economic Zone which connects with the Mandela Highway. The North-South toll road passes through Spanish Town, Bog Walk, Linstead, Ewarton, Moneague, Golden Grove, and Ocho Rios; terminating in Mammee Bay, which is east of St. Ann’s Bay and west of Ocho Rios.

The JNSH consists of three (3) Sections:

  • SECTION 1:Caymanas, Kingston to Linstead, St. Catherine
  • SECTION 2:Linstead, St. Catherine to Moneague, St. Ann.
  • SECTION 3:Moneague to Mammee Bay, St. Ann



Toll Plazas

You can also join or exit the JNSH through any of the six (6) Toll Plazas along the route:

  • Caymanas Toll Plaza, Caymanas Bay, St. Catherine
  • Angel’s Toll Plaza, Spanish Town, St. Catherine
  • Linstead Toll Plaza, Linstead, St. Catherine
  • Unity Valley Toll Plaza, Moneague, St. Ann
  • Lydford Toll Plaza, St. Ann
  • Mammee Bay Toll Plaza, St. Ann


Currently, the JNSHC utilizes the following payment options:


  • JM$
    Jamaican currencies are legal tender at the toll booth.
  • US$
    United States currency is the only foreign currency accepted as payment of toll.


E-Pass/ On-Board Unit (OBU)

Each toll plaza is designed with an Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) lane to allow commercial users and other motoristsuninterrupted passage onto the motorwaywith their e-pass.

This is used by the JNSHC to reduce the need to have cash used while travelling on the Toll Road. E-Pass/OBU can be purchased at our Caymanas, Angels and Mamme Bay Toll Plazas.


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