• Economical Development: Improvement in tourism and land development along the line of the Toll Road.
  • Employment: Over 2000 skilled and unskilled workers have been employed in areas such as engineering, management, maintenance operations, administration, and other areas of specialization during the construction and operation phase.
  • Energy Conservation and Cost Reduction: Save on fuel usage and cost; reduction in the wear and tear on vehicles.
  • Saves Time: Reduction in travelling time from Kingston to Ocho Rios thus further reducing the time of travel to the North Coast and its environs. Reduction in traffic congestion and time wasted due to accidents and breakdowns. It also gives people a greater choice of where to live, work, do business and engage in recreational activities.
  • Aesthetics: Enjoy the beauty of the scenery, the landscape and the cool mountain air while travelling.
  • Quick Response to Emergency Situations: Unimpeded response by emergency service such as Motorway Patrol Officers, Police, Fire, Ambulance and wrecker services.
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