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At the Jamaica North South Highway Company, we hold ourselves to a set of core values that guide our decisions, actions, and interactions with our customers, employees, and community. These values include:

  • Continuous Improvement – Continual improvement is integrated in our business culture. We always seek to improve our products, processes and service levels to enhance value for our customers and ensure growth for the company.
  • Customer Safety (both internal and external) - At JNSHC Ltd, safety isn’t just a priority. There is an active commitment to ensuring that safety guidelines are adhered to within the organization. We strive to reduce risks to our employees and the public at large by using the proper protective equipment, tools and procedures.
  • Integrity – Integrity is the fabric of all our other core values. It creates a positive culture of open communication and gives us a strong moral guideline for all of our decisions. Doing the right thing is simply how we do business, and our actions reveal our commitment to truth telling throughout the organization.
  • Reliability - Worthy of trust; dependable; faithful and authentic. These are the synonymous words that we would use to describe our efforts in meeting our customers’ expectations.
  • Respect – We value diversity of people, understanding that each person is different and has different roles. As such, we treat our internal and external customers with courtesy and kindness.
  • Teamwork - At JNSHC, we are committed to working together in an effort to achieve the goals and objectives of the organization. We are aware that our best work is not produced by a few individuals, but by the entire cohort of employees in various Departments. This team mentality also extends to our external customers as we approach every business relationship as a partnership and work collaboratively with each other to meet our goals.

These core values are at the heart of everything we do, and we strive to uphold them in every aspect of our business.