Ride Green

The JNSHC is committed to the preservation of the environment through its Environmental Health and Safety Management Policy:

Environment Management

The JNSH Environment Management is centred on the three (3) ‘Rs’ which are Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Within any operation the management has to find ways of utilizing the three Rs in order to ensure that the operations do not significantly affect the environment in which they operate, and as such the JNSH Operations & Maintenance Department has adopted the same concepts in the operation of the North South Toll motorway.

Health and Safety Management

Operating a motorway exposes contributing entities to health and safety conditions that are liable to have a bearing on their health, safety and life.

Although unable to completely eliminate risks, the JNSHC has set itself the goal of forestalling any risks by implementing all possible methods, resources and procedures to minimize risks to employees, customers, partners or subcontractors.

Appropriate actions are taken to remove potential hazards to the motoring public and communities surrounding the motorway.

Carbon Dioxide Emission

Studies have revealed that traffic congestion does result in an additional 162,000 tons of carbon dioxide released into the air compared to what would have been emitted at free-flow speeds. Carbon dioxide emissions are reduced when traffic is free-flowing such as it is on toll roads such as the Jamaica North-South Highway.

The Toll Roads are a viable solution for alleviating the overwhelming gridlock on local roads. They are the faster, easier way to get to where you’re going. You will also save gas, time, and realize less vehicle wear and tear.

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