We hope that the following listing of questions and answers will help to clarify some of the queries you may have. Click on the question to read the response.

Prices vary depending on the class of vehicle. Please view or click on Toll Calculator or view our Pricing page.
Please click on, or view our Pricing page.
Vehicles using the JNSH are charged according to vehicle classification as determined by our measurement system. Every time you enter a toll lane, sensors determine the height and length of your vehicle. There is also a measurement indicator at the Toll Booth.
The classification of your vehicle can vary if the height of your vehicle is altered by a change in load being carried; if you modify your vehicle (eg. wheels, suspension, carrier rack) or if you are carrying an external load.
It is extremely unlikely that your vehicle will be incorrectly classified, but if you believe this to be the case, please contact our Toll & Safety Supervisor at 1 888 429-JNSH (1 888-429-5674).
Payment can be made at either a Toll Booth with JM$ (cash); US$ (cash) or using a Frequent Requisition Voucher. The JNSH do not accept Jamaican coins below the denomination of $1.00 or the United States coins. Credit and debit cards may be accepted at the toll collectors' discretion (Angels, Caymanas, and Mammee Bay toll plazas only).
It's an offence under the Toll Road Act to use a toll road without paying. Please call the toll free number 1-888-429-5674. The Control Centre will advise you on the JNSHC’s procedures on this matter.
Unfortunately drivers do enter the toll road in error. You will be allowed to pay and go through the toll in order to access the turn-around. Upon turning around, you will again face the toll plaza, therefore you will be required to pay another toll to exit the toll road.
All signage on the approach to the JNSH was designed and placed in accordance with, and approved by, the National Road Operating and Construction Company (NROCC) and the Ministry of Transport and Works to meet the criteria of their signage policy.
No. In the future, the JNSH will be implementing an Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) system which would ensure easy of travel (similar to Tag).
If you need assistance while on the JNSH, use the emergency telephone to alert the Control Centre of your situation or call 1 888 429-JNSH (1888 429-5674) from your cell phone. For further information click on our Using the JNSH page.
Your safety is of utmost importance to us. The Police and Motorway Patrol Officers conduct regular patrols along the roadway. We also urge you to take the necessary safety precautions while driving. Also, please visit our Using the JNSH page for further information on safety.
The JNSH Service Area is located at Unity Valley, St. Ann. It consists of a fully-functional Service Centre (gas station), Supermarket, Fast Food Outlets, Jerk-Food Shops, Rest-Rooms. All design to your convenience and comfort in mind.
The speed limit while driving on the JNSH is 80km/h.
The JNSH is owned by the Chinese who will hand it over to the Government of Jamaica after the 50 years concessionary period. The JNSH is operated by the Jamaica North South Highway Company (JNSHC). The JNSHC is also responsible for the maintenance and development of the highway.
Employment to the JNSHC is through our outsourcing company CEAC Outsourcing Company Limited (COCL). Please go to our About Us page for further information.
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