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The class of the vehicles are determined based on the height and length. There are currently four (4) categories of vehicle class. They are as follows:

Class 1 – a height of less than 1.70m and a length of less than 5.50m.
Class 2 – a height or length which exceeds either 1.70m in height or 5.50m in length.
Class 3 – a height and length which exceeds both 1.70m in height and 5.50m in length.
Class 4 – two wheeled vehicles/bikes

Customers are encouraged to call the toll free number provided on the website, receipt or toll card to make a report. A Customer Service Representative will collect the relevant information. Once all the requirements are met, an investigation will be launched. After the investigation is concluded, a feedback will be provided and reimbursement given if applicable. 

The JNSHC is a cash only system with only JMD and USD currencies are accepted. 

Customers are advised to call the toll free number provided on the toll card or emergency signs along the motorway. A Customer Service Representative will then dispatch a team after the relevant information is provided. 

Additional Information:

  • To ensure the safety of all users on the highway, breakdowns are permitted to be on the motorway not exceeding 30 minutes. Should this allotted time elapse, JNSHC’s internal wrecking service will be utilized to remove the vehicle from the motorway. 
  • Absolutely no pulling of vehicles/towing is allowed on the highway.
  • Mechanics are not allowed on the motorway to carry out repairs on a vehicle. 

Motorists are able to utilize the U-station in Unity Valley. This will however attract a double fee. The charge will be applied for going to and from the U-station.

Another alternative though is to exit at the nearest Toll Plaza. 

The toll road uses a cash only system, and we currently do not have a credit system in place.

The designated speed limit on the highway is 80kmph and 60kmph where applicable. It is encouraged that motorists significantly reduce speed during rainfall and in fog areas along the motorway. 

The Highway is operated and maintained by Jamaica North South Highway Company Limited through provisions of a Concession Agreement between National Road Operating and Construction Company Limited and The Jamaica North South Highway Company Limited.

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